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Dr. Kenneth Freeze

2920 Duniven Circle, Suite 6B  Amarillo, TX 79109

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"Chiropractic care with Brain-Based Wellness is more than just making pain disappear. It's about learning, understanding and taking care of your body AND brain to change and improve your quality of life."  

How BBW can help with Stress Reduction


"Pain hurts, Stress Kills!" 

Four words that sums up the health situation for most of us.  Stress truly is the silent killer.  When asked, most people just don't seem to realize how stressed-out they really are and how harmful it is for them to be stressed-out on a continual daily basis.  When you are under stress, different neuro-chemicals are released along with cortisol and epinephrine.  This is fine if you're running from a bear that's fixing to eat you.  It's not fine on a 24hour/day basis.  This mixture will usually go right to the weakest points of your body and create pain and dysfunction in those areas.  Sadly, most of you will not seek help from a doctor until the pain shows up, not realizing that the pain, caused by the hormones and neuro-chemicals emitted due to the stress response, could have been prevented.  Over time, day after day of this constant onslaught, your body fatigues and begins to break down. 

Like dominoes falling, the path of dis-ease always leads to disease! 

From the moment we wake up until the time we hit the bed we are under stress.  But if we are not able to get our brains to shift gears into sleep mode, we are stressed even while we are trying to sleep.  Have you ever wondered why you wake up feeling like you haven't even slept?  Three types of stresses in life - physical, chemical and emotional - attack us constantly causing our body's to play defense.  By far, most experts agree that of these three, emotional stress is the most damaging.  To stop this attack, it's time we get offensive.  The Chiropractic and Brain-Based Wellness program does just that.

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