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It has been a fundamental position that chiropractic adjustments deal with the nervous system. Most chiropractors today describe an adjustment as the minor movement of vertebrae in the spine that can bring both proper alignment and mobility to the spine. The objective of this movement is to realign vertebrae that have moved out of place.

However, modern research has proven that the primary effect of a chiropractic adjustment is altered brain function. Basically, it allows the brain to reset to a more positive balance. This adaptation of brain function is critical to your health. When your brain wave activity changes due to a chiropractic adjustment, you change how you relate to your surrounding environment. When this occurs, we can finally explain the chiropractic "miracles" from a logical, scientific neurological point of view that we never had available before.

From this perspective we can see how the chiropractic adjustment actually changes central nervous system function and that's why we've gotten such positive results over the years.

Here at this clinic, I approach the body not simply to just get rid of your pain, but to bring a whole body wellness application that is unique. This is Brain-based wellness through chiropractic care.

How the adjustment is applied varies and is patient-specific, ranging from audible, hands-on manual manipulation to instrument adjusting with a device that can be very easy, safe and effective. It may be a simple whole-body corrective change or focused on specific sides of the body when a functional disconnect occurs between both sides of the brain. The examination will determine which is appropriate.

If, however, you simply want a joint popped and be on your way, then that can be happily arranged too.


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